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Sherfick Cattle Co.

Our Family

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since 2013

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From our family to yours, Sherfick Cattle Co. is open for business. We are a family owned and operated Angus seedstock breeder founded in 2013. 

Cattle has been a passion for Travis Sherfick since he was a young boy. Although Travis was not raised in a farm or livestock family, the supportive community he grew up in provided opportunities to learn and work with cattle. Many lessons have been learned throughout Travis' livestock career and he continues to push for better carcass quality and maternals. The top quality Angus dream is shared and supported by his wife, Jessica, and daughters, Cora, Lily & Maeve. 

"I hope I'm never fully satisfied with what I have. I hope I never am, because that's what's gonna keep driving me to move forward with the genetics and cattle.” - Travis


Our Mission

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